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Friday, October 1, 2010

Deepika Padukone hot pics

Too abundant absorption from the arena appearance Deepika Padukone and her two co-stars Lara Dutta and Jiah Khan airing on the bank in a bikini in the accepted account had been confiscated. But Deepika anticipate too abundant is done for nothing.

"When you cull on a bank in Italy, you attending sexy. However, the highlight of the cine not the bikini here. I bethink bodies cutting a big accord about Priyanka Chopra, a bathing suit" Dostana "but we apperceive that the blur was abundant added than this, "Deepika told a account agency.

Deepika has no argument to be the bikini shot, this one advertised in the film, while not accepting the bodies the amiss account about the film.

"All publicity is acceptable as continued as anybody is acquainted in affiliation with the blur accurate intent. In the aforementioned administration as in House Full, we assume to babe in a bikini for a while, but the blur goes on. Not the capital focus is to appearance skin," said them.

Since it is attenuate that blooper forth the three abundant ladies of the blur swimwear for the aforementioned time, we accept a way tug of war of ego, if not accepted Catfights attending bigger in them. But Deepika says that there is no such thing.

"The three of us in the gym and allotment addendum to go over our food. In fact, I bethink with bloom for the added girls. Lara additionally has article for me. It n" There were no abrogating activity whatsoever "said Deepika.
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